Free is the way to be! O

The only thing better than purchasing an item on clearance or on sale is getting it for free! Freebie websites are an essential part of the ‘couponing game.’

Freebie websites update multiple times a day with offers for free items and samples. These websites also feature contests and sweepstakes. Free samples are important to couponing because the majority of free samples are accompanied by a high discount coupon.
The coupons that accompany free samples are usually much higher than the coupons you may find in the newspaper circular for example. They also do not expire as quickly as newspaper coupons and some even have no expiration date at all! Additionally, there are a good many of free samples are are decently sized.
Sometimes product companies also offer free full sized products. Oftentimes companies will distribute free items that are brand new so that they can get the word out about a new product.
I often use free samples/products to stock my cabinets and closets. another great use for them is to add them to gifts as fillers or add-ons. For example last Christmas i filled my husbands entire Christmas stocking with free cologe
To get the best offers, check the following web sites frequently, as they do expire. The more popular the item, the quicker the samples/products will go. I check them a few times a day.
Below are my favorite freebie web sites:

Enjoy your freebies!

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