Couponing 101

If you are new to couponing the idea of it may seem a little daunting; you may even be unsure of where to start. As there is much information on the topic, I will be dividing up this post into a series to allow for the information to be easily digestible.

If your family is on a budget, or living off one salary like mine is, coupons are a vital part of staying within your budget.

The first step in couponing is to figure out where to obtain coupons. Almost everyone is aware that coupons can be found in the local Sunday newspaper. While this is true, there are additional places to add to your coupon search as well:

  • Online (,,,,
  • Digital Coupon apps from your local grocery store.
  • Magazines (Parents, Family Fun etc.)
  • Doctor’s Office (usually for children’s medicine or cleaning products)
  • Automatic coupon dispensers located in the store in front of the product. The coupons are usually not on display when the item I son sale, so hold on to them until the item does go on sale.
  • Catalinas are the coupons that come along with your receipt at the store. Always check them as they are distributed to you by your purchase history associated with your store card.
  • E-mail companies whose products you purchase and request coupons and/or compliment their products.
  • Local family monthly magazines. These free magazines are usually displayed at a local diner or supermarket or outside corner free newspaper stands.
  • Sign up for your favorite products newsletters, as they often offer additional coupons to newsletter subscribers. For Example: General Mills Tablespoon offers $250 in coupons and great recipes.  
  • Sign up for free samples, as they usually come with a coupon for the product.
  • Tourist attraction pamphlets. Take a drive to a hotel in your area or rest stop off of highway. They both usually have a rack of pamphlets that contain information about tourist attractions in the area. These pamphlets usually contain coupons as a way to entice travelers to stop by their establishment. For example the LegoLand pamphlet has a coupons for one free child with an adult ticket.


Magazines and free samples are obtained through online freebie sites. I will share my favorite freebie sites in the next post!

Until next time!……………Jillian

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